Insurance for Mobile Cycle Repairers

When a Crisis Strikes, We Are There To Help

As Ultima Insurance is one of the leading Brokers in this field, we like to think that we know a thing or two about Mobile Cycle Repair and the needs of those that work in this industry, as a direct result we have created this Mobile Cycle Repairer Insurance Policy.

A policy designed for Mobile Cycle Repairers by Mobile Cycle Repairers.

Ultima Insurance is able to offer a one stop go to policy that will cover all your needs and eventualities. With automatic covers like Public Liability, Goods In Trust, Tools and Stock along with our optional Professional Indemnity and Legal Expenses Cover it is easy to see why our policy is one of the leading in the market.

Public Liability

Public Liability (or PL Insurance as it is sometimes known), covers your liability for any damage you may do to another person – or property – accidentally whilst undertaking work.

This could be a simple accident such as someone falling over your computer cable through to more serious issues that could leave people scarred or disabled for life.

Public Liability Insurance should be considered essential if members of the public or customers visit your premises or you travel to your customer’s premises.

The risks of not having PL Insurance could be catastrophic to your business as PL claims can be substantial if you are liable for them.

Goods In Trust

Goods in Trust Cover will give you protection when you are looking after other peoples goods or property.

Should the item in question be damaged whilst in your care, you will have full cover.

Usually this coverage will have ‘Inner Limits’ which is essentially a maximum the insurance company will pay.

It is always good advice to make sure you understand what these ‘Inner Limits’ are, so should a claim arise, you will not be caught short.

Although not essential in most professions, it is an important cover for those trades where you look after other peoples goods on a regular basis.

Professional Indemnity

Professional indemnity insurance, also known as PI insurance, is a type of liability cover designed to protect an individual or business against claims made by clients for loss or damage due to negligent advice or services.

As well as cover for compensation, this type of insurance is designed to cover legal fees and costs

If your professional advice or services fall short of a client’s expectations and results in financial loss or damage, you could face a costly claim for compensation.

Without professional indemnity cover, a self-employed individual, freelancer, contractor or small business could go under.

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