High Risk Travel insurance

No Matter Where You Go – We’ve Got The World Covered

Whether you are a journalist, photographer, security worker or visiting a country for business or pleasure purposes, you will require travel insurance to cover you for medical expenses and your baggage.

However, if you are visiting a country or region which is not recommended for travel by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) you will find that most travel insurance companies will decline to insure you.

Ultima Insurance is pleased to say that if you are a business that needs to send your employees to countries that are advised by or against the FCO, we are able to offer full travel insurance cover that is tailored to meet your demands.

Medical Expenses

What is Medical Expenses?

Medical Expenses covers you for any medical issue that can arise on your trip, such as, being hopitalised due to an injury sustained whilst abroad.

Medical Expenses can extend even as far as airlifting you to a country that has better medical facilities, if the country you have traveled to does not have the right facilities to treat you.

Most insurance policies will offer a large amount of cover for this section of the policy, however, this can vary from company to company so we advise that you check your schedule


Cancellation within a travel insurance policy is seen as one of the ‘must haves’ of any travel insurance policy and in fact more of the travel insurance policies that you can buy will have this cover automatically included.

This insurance cover will protect you in the event that something beyond your control has occurred and prevents you from travelling to your destination. This could be a medical emergency from a close family member, or maybe bad weather had grounded your flight and you cannot get another one.

We would also advise that you check your insurance policy as there are many reasons why this cover will not be paid. For example, if you decide that you don’t want to go as you have changed your mind. There has to be a genuine insurable reason for the cancellation.

Personal Baggage

Personal baggage can be a bit of a pitfall where insurance coverage is concerned.

Personal Baggage will cover you for your belongings that you take with you on your trip.

Most insurance policies will give you coverage for this and a lot of the time you can receive a discount off your insurance policy should you opt out of this cover.

In order for personal baggage to be paid, you must show proof of the items that you have taken with you.

Also you should check with your household insurance provider that you do not have worldwide all risks cover under your contents.

Should you have worldwide insurance coverage then the travel company will look for your household insurance policy to pay either a percentage or all of the claim.

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